Zigbee devices selection for Black Friday, AliExpress coupons codes


When it comes to sourcing of cheap devices, AliExpress is a premium option. When it is Black Friday, well. You must have a look.

Here is a selection of key products to build your home automation and strengthen your network mesh.

Don’t tell anyone…

Here are extra discounts

All products on AliExpress : valid for 25.11.2021 PST – 29.11.2021 PST

All areas excluding : RU/UZ/AM/KZ/TJ/BY/MD/AZ/TM/KG/GE/ES/FR/BR/PL/SA/KR

$7 OFF $50 with code: BFCM7
$12 OFF $100 with code: BFCM12
$18 OFF $150 with code: BFCM18
$23 OFF $190 with code: BFCM23

Saudi Arabia

$2.6 OFF $18.1 with code: SABF2
$3.9 OFF $25.9 with code: SABF3
$7.8 OFF $51.9 with code: SABF7
$11.7 OFF $77.9 with code: SABF11
$19.5 OFF $129.8 with code: SABF19


$5 OFF $50 with code: KR1126
$7 OFF $70 with code: KR1128
$8 OFF $80 with code: KR1129
$10 OFF $100 with code: KR1201


€6 OFF €40 with Code: BFAE06
€8 OFF €50 with Code: BFAE08
€11 OFF €70 with Code: BFAE11
€15 OFF €110 with Code: BFAE15
€22 OFF €149 with Code: BFAE22
€30 OFF €199 with Code: BFAE30
€45 OFF €299 with Code: BFAE45
€60 OFF €399 with Code: BFAE60


Coordinator : Zigbee Bridge

Wired / Wireless

Router : Wall plugs, switches

Garage door control

Mini light switch

Mini light switch

Smart plug

End devices : Battery powered devices

Remote control


Radiator actuator

Gas detector

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